Month: July 2016

Lencois Maranhenses National Park Of Brazil With Sandy Dunes And Natural Pools

Brazilian National Park Lensoyc Maranenses (Lençóis Maranhenses), is translated from Portuguese means “washing Maranhao.” Maranhao – Brazilian state where the desert and linen locals call the desert because the bright sand reminiscent of top stretched to dry clothes. To preserve this unique desert in 1981 was awarded the status of National Park. On a total area of about 1,000 square meters. km denied entry of private cars.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park Of Brazil With Sandy Dunes And Natural Pools

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Raquel Benetti – Best Freestyle Football Player In The World

25-year-old Brazilian Raquel Benetti has long been known as one of the best freestyle football players of the world, showing an excellent level of possession. Statements girl always become very spectacular and memorable, because sometimes it acts not in top form, and in the sexual skin-tight dress and heels.

Raquel Benetti - Best Freestyle Football Player In The World

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Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

Pampa House is Designed by Argentine office Andres Remy Architects  for a childless couple, the Black house was built on a plot of 30,00 x 50,00m located on the banks of a lake in Tigre, in Buenos Aires outskirts and it located in Pocho, Argentina. The house Design is very contemporary and has a very beautiful volumes set, with swings and generous openings and a glazed area that opens the house to the beautiful view offered by the lake. The glass also makes the show a very interesting feature: the contrast of black exterior with the interior almost entirely white. This same concept also defines the decor.

Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

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Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy – Craco

Craco is the medieval town of Italy. Gulf of Taranto 40 kilometers from the medieval town situated inland typical of the region, residents of houses built on the slopes of a long time corn and grain produced. The settlement history can be traced back to 1060 when the area became the property of Archbishop Arnaldo, Bishop of Tricarico. In 1891, there were still 2,000 houses inhabited, despite the fact that the region fought a very serious agricultural problems. That is why they moved to 1,300 between 1892 and 1922 in North America, followed by earthquakes, landslides and loss of life in the war completely devastated the city. Between 1959 and 1972 series of disasters struck the region, and in 1800 the remaining residents moved to nearby Craco Peschierába, and the medieval streets are empty today.

Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy - Craco

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Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World

Opal is composed of small beads of silica – alpha-cristobalite – low temperature, but tightly closed in a waterproof casing. Between these “beads” have cavities that contain a small amount of water. Reflection of light on the surface of the opal crystallization gives reflections that differ from each stone depending on the “form” created by all the elements described above. There are many types of opal. Opal can be dull and have no value, in which case such opals called “common opal” because only the large stones of bright colors are “semi-precious opals”.

Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World
A feldspar mineral. The colors are called “labradorescence” or the “schiller effect.”

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Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World

White dress became fashionable and has become an essential symbol of the wedding ceremony only in the XIX century thanks to Queen Victoria. She became the first woman to put on her wedding dress white. Until this momentous moment the woman choose an outfit that matched the fashion of the era.


Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World
At the wedding, as well as other celebrations wear bunad – A traditional Norwegian costume.

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Soul Inside Trees – Amazing Sculptures By Debra Bernier

Debra Bernier calls her work, “sculptures of spirits”, meaning the spirits of nature. They often have human faces, but their body permanently connected to the tree, thus combining nature, people and the supernatural. These sculptures look surprisingly naturally as if they were not the result of human creation, as something natural, natural. Conventional driftwood, pieces of bark had fallen away or broken off by drought zaderevenelye roots are for the artist in Canada is not just material to work – for it is the true repository of nature spirits, it can release with tools for cutting wood.

Soul Inside Trees - Amazing Sculptures By Debra Bernier

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