Amazing Natural Phenomena

A natural phenomenon is an noticeable, visible and observable event which is not man-made. Examples include: sunrise, weather, fog, thunder, tornadoes etc.

The migration of millions of red crabs

Every year on Christmas Island about 43 million land crabs rush to the ocean to lay their eggs. At this time, the local government covers most of the roads of the island, so as not to interfere with the migration.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

The underwater world of the “Green Lake” (Grüner See)

This clear lake with a transparent emerald water is constantly changing its size and depth. Thus, in winter before it dries pond size and covers the ground only 1-2 meters.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

While in the summer the water rises to 12 meters and part of the national park with paths and benches is under water and turns into a kind of Atlantis. The real paradise for divers.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

The shadow of “big bear”

The shadow of “big bear” appears twice a year in the mountains of the US state of North Carolina and attracts crowds of tourists, who want to look at this miracle. It can be seen every day for 30 minutes, but only from late October to early November and mid-February to early March. It was at this time, the shadow of the mountain takes the form of a large bear.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

Rainbow river

The river Caño Cristales (Caño Cristales) in Colombia has the usual color for the first six months of each year, but from July to December, the water is colored in a rainbow of colors. Under the influence of weather algae in the river changing its color: red, yellow, blue, green and orange – all these colors literally overflowing river, which locals call the “five colors”, and tourists – “Rainbow”.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

Blue volcano

From the crater of the volcano Ijen (Ijen) in Indonesia pulled out tongues of blue flame. This is due to the combustion of sulfur dioxide at a temperature of 600 ° C.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

Eye of the Sahara

“Eye of the Sahara” is also called structure “Rishat” – A geological formation with a diameter of 50 kilometers, which orbit looks like it is full of eyes with iris and pupil. One eye served as a kind of benchmark time for the astronauts, as such a landscape is very atypical for desert, and therefore stands out.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

Fire rainbow

A rare optical effect that appears when the sun’s rays are reflected off ice crystals in the clouds, which are at a great distance from the ground. Reflected light is divided into its spectral colors. Similar phenomena can be observed in the summer, when the sun is high enough above the horizon.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

“Twists” thunderstorm

Correct the phenomenon of nature called thunderstorm. This kind of storms is the rarest but most dangerous due to the collision of cold and dry air from the warm rain. Most of these thunderstorms occur on the plateau of the Great Plains in the United States, because of what the people in the plains is often called “Tornado Valley”. At a safe distance, such thunderstorms are a stunner.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

Ice cave ghosts

Freakish ice caves in the national park Skaftafell in Iceland – the result of centuries of glacial deposits. When the air warms, and rain is in the park, the walls become thinner caves. Sunlight coming through the ice walls, turning them into beautiful sapphires. And though it is a miracle does not last long – the stunning views.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

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