Month: August 2016

Interesting Facts About The Engraving

Engraving is one of the oldest methods of decoration any subject. The basis of this method is stone and metal processing, and over time, people have learned to handle and glass. People doing beautiful things that surround them. The first drawings were scratched conventional cutter, setting off a great art. Gradually engraving process reached greater and greater heights. In place of the scratched figures came drawings, in which scratches were covered with dyes and enamel. This gave realistic drawing of the image, and it began to play with new colors. Later, masters of their craft began to use this process of engraving precious metals like gold and silver.

Interesting Facts About The Engraving

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Ross Gardner Dropped 90 Kg Since He Was Forced To Buy Two Seats On A Plane

39 year old American, Ross Gardner of Florida at one time wore clothes size XXXXL. This lasted until he was forced to buy two seats on a plane. It was the last straw, and Ross realized that we must take care of your body under the strict control. He began to train hard and was able to lose almost 90 kilograms. Now Ross looks as though it is difficult to know the full of incredible man that he was before the miraculous transformation.

Ross Gardner Dropped 90 Kg Since He Was Forced To Buy Two Seats On A Plane

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Impressive Healing Of Tiger Who Was Rescued From Abusive Circus

It reached a new chasm in the mistreatment of circus animals. Here Aasha, a tigress of Bengal which belonged to a traveling circus, which showed severe signs of abuse. She had an abnormally low weight for age and his fur was missing in places. Fortunately, all that has changed thanks to the intervention of  Vicky Keahey, founder of the center In-Sync for exotic wildlife in Texas.

Impressive Healing Of Tiger Who Was Rescued From Abusive Circus

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Abandoned Constanta Casino On The Black Sea Coast

The city of Constanta is the largest seaport of Romania and the second on the Black Sea coast. Hallmark of the city and its most famous landmark is located on the city promenade abandoned Constanta Casino. The first casino in Constanta was built on the city’s waterfront near Genoviyskogo lighthouse in 1880. The wooden building was intended not only for gaming but also for entertainment for entertainment. In addition to the gaming halls are located in the same dance hall, two rooms for reading and relaxing, open-air terrace on the beach. The casino, which is also called the Kursaal, became one of the most popular cultural centers of Constanta.

Abandoned Constanta Casino On The Black Sea Coast

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Green Roofed Edgeland House By Bercy Chen Studio

Architectural studio Bercy Chen Studio has designed a private house called Edge land House, located on the Colorado River in Texas (USA). On the construction site of the previously held pipeline. After removing it was a great “scar” in the green area. The architects decided to hide the flaw by building on the site of the original form of the house.

Green Roofed Edgeland House By Bercy Chen Studio

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Disney Cartoons Turned Into Cyborgs By Jake Parker

Jake Parker has a very creative mind. This illustrator likes to mix the influences of science fiction and fantasy together to give a very particular vision of certain heroes of pop-culture. Recently, Jake decided to turn some of these heroes Cyborgs who are capable of destroying everything in a wink.

Disney Cartoons Turned Into Cyborgs By Jake Parker

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Waw An Namus – An Volcanic Crater In The Sahara Desert, Libya

Waw an Namus is the crater of an extinct volcano, located in one of the most remote locations in Libya, deep in the of desert Sahara. The volcanic field is approximately 4 km wide, and it is surrounded by black ash deposits in the 10-20 km wide, which stands out against the background of yellow desert. At the bottom of the caldera is a 120-meter Ash cone – in fact, the source of the ash – as well as three small colored salt lake. In the Arabic language, it’s called The Mosquito oasis and combines its name to the caldera, the volcanic field and directly, conical volcano itself. So for a visit to a vital means of mosquito. Due to the presence of fresh water in this remote volcano, Wau en Namus has always been an important point for caravans en route from Vav al-Kabir to the oases of Al Kufraha Rebiany and south-eastern Libya.

Waw An Namus - An Volcanic Crater In The Sahara Desert, Libya

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Old And Mysterious Plain of Jars | Laos

Valley of the pitchers is located in Laos, in the province of Xieng Khouang. A group of sites with historical and archaeological monuments, is a very mysterious place, across the valley scattered huge number of giant stone jars, which tied a lot of secrets, how they are having who could create them, and what they were used for. Stone jars are scattered at the foot of Annamskogo ridge separating Laos and Vietnam. On the territory of the valley is more than 60 sites with pitchers, more of them located in Xieng Khouang province. More of them located in Xieng Khouang province, but they are also found in Thailand and in northern India. The largest group of pitchers found near the town of Phonsavan is called “the first landing,” there are about 250 pots. Dimensions pitchers range from one to three meters and a weight of about 6 tons, their shape is also diverse – rectangular or round, are found in the valley of drives that are likely to serve as covers for these pots. The material for the manufacture of pitchers as the analysis of researchers, used rocks, granite, sandstone or calcified coral.

Old And Mysterious Plain of Jars | Laos

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Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

Laziness is found in everyone. But some people have it on small or big scale. Some people have it too much, much on bigger scale, though. We used to see it as a bad thing. However, What if its not ? What if laziness actually supports to become more more successful? I bet many of you would like this approach. Actually, many lazy people achieve big success. And history gives us many great examples. For example Charles Darwin was amazingly lazy. His parents and teachers suffered a lot making him learn grammar and math at sleep, often he fell asleep right at the middle of the lesson. He used to like fishing and shooting crows to doing sports and when he was a collage student, he spent most of the time in pubs and bars. Even when he got into science, he didn’t lunge things and spent years writing his work.

Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

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Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

It is a version “country house” mobile homes known here is the Alpha Tiny Home . A mobile living space measuring about 22 square meters with everything needed to live a comfortable life in the middle of nowhere. This miniature and mobile home was designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes  and has many features, including large windows to let in the light, wooden walls with particularly stunning finish and a metal roof. There is also a table for 8 people and a living area with kitchen, living room and of course (whose bed is hidden in the middle of the room).

Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

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