Interesting Facts About Bodybuilding

Today Bodybuilding has become very popular and every gym has sufficient number of followers. However, for some relief muscles which is not the limit: they want to be the first in terms of the power of muscles and shoulder width, forcing them to choose bodybuilding. The relief sought by bodybuilders muscle strength training long lasting several hours. The training program includes exercises in different gym and lifting weights. But in order to look at the competition and have a glossy tanned skin (which emphasizes the benefit muscle mass), bodybuilders put on the body make-up; moreover, it plays the role of correct illumination.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Bodybuilding means “The construction of the body” which is synonymous with the version sport  “bodybuilding” – and this is the term of French origin which means “body culture”. In addition to training, bodybuilders pay great attention to special diets and, since the second half of the 20th century, special drugs to increase muscle mass – online store for sports nutrition “bodymarket” can be attributed rightfully one of the best specialty stores sports nutrition.

The first trainer was invented by the German Friedrich Ludwig Ian. After some time, at the beginning of the 2nd half of the 19th c., A doctor from Sweden Wilhelm Zander gym first opened. The period of appearance of the first trainers in our country is considered during the reign of Emperor Alexander II – they were delivered to him from abroad to order and used in the family.

After the simulators bodybuilding is widespread among the male audience, becoming a massive fad. This also applies to Russia. In 1901, Eugene Sandow was the first time, an international competition for the best bodybuilders. Its author’s technique bodybuilding enjoyed the greatest popularity among bodybuilders around the world. As for himself, he was considered the owner of the biggest physical force in the world. He was able to not only keep the weight exceeding 50 kg, at arm’s length, but also do a back flip while holding it.

Here are some tricks performed by them.
– He went on two chairs, and one lay his head, on the other – the heel. In his hand was a weight of 20 kg, and the two men became his chest.

– On Sandow lying on the ground as a platform for the latest or lead to 3 horses or drifts piano with 8 musicians.

– The world has gained wide popularity and its such a trick he could to raise the bar with his right hand, vesivshuyu 115 kg, to shift it to the left, then sit down, lie down and get up without delay post.

Denis Sisters – bodybuilder with the biggest biceps (78 cm).

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Markus Ruhl – bodybuilder with the powerful shoulders.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Ray-moon – the oldest bodibilderv world (80 years).

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

The weakest and smallest bodybuilder in the world – Indian Aditya Dev. The record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Young man weighing only 8.5 kg and 88 cm growth could squeeze out 4.5 kg.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

Bodibildersha oldest in the world – American Ernestine Shepherd seventy-odd years of age.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

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