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Lions Rock Aka Mountain Palace In Sigiriya – Sri Lanka Attractions

Lions Rock is Mountain Palace in Sigiriya – landmark pearl Sri Lanka . The main attraction of this place is a mountain palace, located at an altitude of 200 meters. The palace is surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, pools, and other structures. It is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is also known for its ancient murals, images. The fortress was built during the reign of King Kasap I (477 – 495 AD), and is one of seven areas of Sri Lanka World Heritage Site. Researchers believe that before the construction of a mountain palace people settled here (mostly monks and hermits).

Lions Rock Aka Mountain Palace In Sigiriya - Sri Lanka Attractions

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Creepy And Abandoned Maternity Hospital

Abandoned Maternity Hospital was build in late of 19th century with beautiful architecture. The building is a U-shaped building, height of two floors, with an attic and basement. Because of its location is actually in the park, but still just above the sea, the hospital quickly gained a reputation as “elite”. In 2001, the maternity hospital stopped functioning. Doctors and other medical staff were assigned to other hospitals.

Creepy And Abandoned Maternity Hospital

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Abandoned Constanta Casino On The Black Sea Coast

The city of Constanta is the largest seaport of Romania and the second on the Black Sea coast. Hallmark of the city and its most famous landmark is located on the city promenade abandoned Constanta Casino. The first casino in Constanta was built on the city’s waterfront near Genoviyskogo lighthouse in 1880. The wooden building was intended not only for gaming but also for entertainment for entertainment. In addition to the gaming halls are located in the same dance hall, two rooms for reading and relaxing, open-air terrace on the beach. The casino, which is also called the Kursaal, became one of the most popular cultural centers of Constanta.

Abandoned Constanta Casino On The Black Sea Coast

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Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy – Craco

Craco is the medieval town of Italy. Gulf of Taranto 40 kilometers from the medieval town situated inland typical of the region, residents of houses built on the slopes of a long time corn and grain produced. The settlement history can be traced back to 1060 when the area became the property of Archbishop Arnaldo, Bishop of Tricarico. In 1891, there were still 2,000 houses inhabited, despite the fact that the region fought a very serious agricultural problems. That is why they moved to 1,300 between 1892 and 1922 in North America, followed by earthquakes, landslides and loss of life in the war completely devastated the city. Between 1959 and 1972 series of disasters struck the region, and in 1800 the remaining residents moved to nearby Craco PeschierĂ¡ba, and the medieval streets are empty today.

Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy - Craco

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