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Naturally Grown Bridge In Cherrapunji, India

The town of Cherrapunji is located in the lower reaches of the mountains and Hasi Janta in northeast India where attracts many rivers and mountain streams, this area is considered the most rainy in the world. Here and “grow” these unusual “live” bridges, for this purpose, the roots of Ficus Elastica or also called – Ficus elastic (Latin Ficus elastica.) The fact is that from the ficus come secondary roots, which are constantly growing and evolving, sometimes reaching a length of up to several tens of meters napletayas while on huge boulders on river banks. Due to such characteristics of the trees, the locals have long learned from these roots to create bridges.

Naturally Grown Bridge In Cherrapunji, India

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Amazing Natural Phenomena

A natural phenomenon is an noticeable, visible and observable event which is not man-made. Examples include: sunrise, weather, fog, thunder, tornadoes etc.

The migration of millions of red crabs

Every year on Christmas Island about 43 million land crabs rush to the ocean to lay their eggs. At this time, the local government covers most of the roads of the island, so as not to interfere with the migration.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

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The Dark Hedges Aka Dark And Mysterious Alley In Ireland

The Dark Hedges is located near the town of Armoy in Northern Ireland. And it is a part of the Bregagh Road, which has tree on its both sides. And the age of trees is near 300 years old. This looks so dark and mysterious that passing through it may seem that you were in the movie of the fantasy genre, and are about to arise in our way elf or goblin.

The Dark Hedges Aka Dark And Mysterious Alley In Ireland

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An Bottle Tree, Toborochi Tree Aka Ceiba Speciosa

Toborochi tree or Ceiba Speciosa, or refuge tree. Tree that can would reach 15 meters high, with a barrel-shaped bottle suffused with thorns. The flowers are pinkish in color at the top and yellowish-tinged brown on the bottom. The fruit is a large capsule similar to a massive pear, containing the woolly fibers that surround the seeds.

Toborochi Tree Aka Ceiba Speciosa - An Bottle Tree

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Jellyfish Lake In Pacific Archipelago Of Palau

In the tropical Pacific archipelago of Palau is located one of their extraordinary lakes in the world, is a paradise for jellyfish, as on the very small area of 0,057 km2 inhabited by a great variety of jellyfish, of which there are more than 15 million. Because they have no enemies here, so they live and enjoy life. This lake is called as Lake Jellyfish. Jellyfish Lake is small in size – 460 meters long and 160 meters wide, the depth of the unique lake is 50 meters. The lake was formed over 12 million years ago, when as a result of the collision of two tectonic plates on the border with the ocean basin was formed, in which the pores in the limestone leaked not only to salt water but also some small marine life, including jellyfish. Predatory fish is not able to penetrate through such small pores.

Jellyfish Lake In Pacific Archipelago Of Palau

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