Gina Lollobrigida – The Most Desirable Actress Of The 1950s

Gina Lollobrigida represents the Golden Age of Italian cinema. Her fame spread like an epidemic among people, and she was imitated by millions of womens. The eternal optimist, who managed to realize themselves and film career after sunset. Gina Lollobrigida was born in 1927 in a poor family with many children. Looking is not the incredible beauty of the girls, her predicted a wealthy bride and serene life housewife. Initially, Gina thought about the actress’s career, despite the fact that her sister worked in the studios of Statistics. She studied drawing, dabbled in singing. One day, the mother insisted that Jean participated in a beauty contest. It took only a second, but it was seen the film industry figures.

Gina Lollobrigida - The Most Desirable Actress Of The 1950s

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Interesting Facts About Bodybuilding

Today Bodybuilding has become very popular and every gym has sufficient number of followers. However, for some relief muscles which is not the limit: they want to be the first in terms of the power of muscles and shoulder width, forcing them to choose bodybuilding. The relief sought by bodybuilders muscle strength training long lasting several hours. The training program includes exercises in different gym and lifting weights. But in order to look at the competition and have a glossy tanned skin (which emphasizes the benefit muscle mass), bodybuilders put on the body make-up; moreover, it plays the role of correct illumination.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

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Lorraine O’Loughlin Lost Her Weight By Giving Up Coffee

Lorraine O’Loughlin is 28 years old, and a mother of three children from Warrenpoint Northern Ireland. she lost seven sizes from 120.5 to 73 kg. In this step it is decided after a deep depression because of which almost ceased to go out. She got into a vicious circle, when skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then gorge on crisps and chocolate at night. She suffered from insomnia and to somehow stand on his feet during the day, drink a day for 15 cups of coffee, and each has put three spoons of sugar.

Lorraine O'Loughlin Lost Her Weight By Giving Up Coffee

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Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse

The German company Rev-House specializes in the construction of houses on the water. One of her latest projects was the houseboat the Rev Houseboat. It is designed specifically for those who appreciate not only the original but also luxurious vacation. Each model in the water of the house made to order. Architects and designers work closely with each customer to realize all his wishes. Such components as a fireplace, jacuzzi, sauna, floor heating, underwater lighting only emphasize the claim to luxury Rev Houseboat.

Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse

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Unique Food Art By Anna Keville Joyce Which Will Stuck You With Wonder

Meet the girl, whose job is to play with food. Or rather, to create incredible samples of edible art. Anna Keville Joyce just let her imagination and create. Anna uses everything from vegetables to sausages. But at first glance it is very difficult to understand, what does make these incredibly accurate artwork.

Unique Food Art By Anna Keville Joyce Which Will Stuck You With Wonder

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Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Mehrangarh Fort is located at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, is a massive fort, located on a hill above the city. Its walls reach 36 meters high and 21 meters wide. In these impressive massive walls have gardens, courthouse, several palaces known for their beautifully carved statues and spacious courtyards, elaborate balconies, arched galleries and apartments. Fort is protected by perpendicular rock, this impressive landmark impregnable. Mehrangarh Fort is an amazing castle in the heart of Jodhpur, the second largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It stands on the edge of the Thar desert on the 125-meter rocky hill, like a menacing guard, protecting people from deadly respiratory incandescent sands.

Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

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Most Expensive Homes In The USA For Sale

The housing market can be divided into normal, where real estate is bought and sold ordinary mortals, and exclusive, where the rich and famous spend enormous sums for the purchase of palaces with an area greater than that of the zoo. We bring you 15 of such houses in the US, which can be purchased now.

Most Expensive Homes In The USA For Sale

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Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

Here are some interesting sculptures of the ancient masters, whose remains archaeologists found today on the seabed, as well as the works of modern artists who deliberately put their work under water to convey to the public the idea. These sculptures are subject of many myths and local legends. Here are some amazing sculptures which are not yet destroyed within ocean.These sculptures are so old that they are now covered by coral reef.

Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

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Multi Colored Lake At The Volcano Kelimutu In Flores Island, Indonesia

Kelimutu volcano is located approximately in the middle of the Indonesian island of Flores, is perhaps the main attraction of the island. The volcano rises to 1639 meters above sea level, which refers to the Eastern Indonesian Lesser Sunda Islands. Its last eruption was more than forty years ago. After the eruption of magma formed-Kolder depression in which water from precipitation forms a lake, in this case three. At the top of the volcano Kelimutu, in its crater is located three lakes, it would seem that such an unusual, but unusual that they are all different in color. And may even change its color from time to time, which is why these lakes are considered to be still and mystic.

Multi Colored Lake At The Volcano Kelimutu In Flores Island, Indonesia

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Lions Rock Aka Mountain Palace In Sigiriya – Sri Lanka Attractions

Lions Rock is Mountain Palace in Sigiriya – landmark pearl Sri Lanka . The main attraction of this place is a mountain palace, located at an altitude of 200 meters. The palace is surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, pools, and other structures. It is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is also known for its ancient murals, images. The fortress was built during the reign of King Kasap I (477 – 495 AD), and is one of seven areas of Sri Lanka World Heritage Site. Researchers believe that before the construction of a mountain palace people settled here (mostly monks and hermits).

Lions Rock Aka Mountain Palace In Sigiriya - Sri Lanka Attractions

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