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Interesting Facts About The Engraving

Engraving is one of the oldest methods of decoration any subject. The basis of this method is stone and metal processing, and over time, people have learned to handle and glass. People doing beautiful things that surround them. The first drawings were scratched conventional cutter, setting off a great art. Gradually engraving process reached greater and greater heights. In place of the scratched figures came drawings, in which scratches were covered with dyes and enamel. This gave realistic drawing of the image, and it began to play with new colors. Later, masters of their craft began to use this process of engraving precious metals like gold and silver.

Interesting Facts About The Engraving

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Fresh Faces Made From Fruits And Vegetables By Emily Dryden And Zahydé Pietri

Photographer from Brooklyn (New York) Emily Dryden and stylist from Puerto Rico Zahydé Pietri implemented a series of food art which is known as Fresh Face. From conventional fruit and vegetables, they have created a “Face of peoples”, each of which transmits its character.

Fresh Faces Made From Fruits And Vegetables By Emily Dryden And Zahydé Pietri
Fresh Faces – The original series of food art.

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Flying Mountains Miniature Inside Glass Test Tubes By Rosa De Jong

Rosa de Jong lives in Amsterdam. Who has created a series of miniature houses, towers and other structures like flying mountains in the glass test tubes. All the houses (which, of course, reminiscent of ships in bottles) made by hand from natural materials, such elements that are used for modeling, such as artificial moss.

Flying Mountains Miniature Inside Glass Test Tubes By Rosa De Jong

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Soul Inside Trees – Amazing Sculptures By Debra Bernier

Debra Bernier calls her work, “sculptures of spirits”, meaning the spirits of nature. They often have human faces, but their body permanently connected to the tree, thus combining nature, people and the supernatural. These sculptures look surprisingly naturally as if they were not the result of human creation, as something natural, natural. Conventional driftwood, pieces of bark had fallen away or broken off by drought zaderevenelye roots are for the artist in Canada is not just material to work – for it is the true repository of nature spirits, it can release with tools for cutting wood.

Soul Inside Trees - Amazing Sculptures By Debra Bernier

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Hyper realistic paintings By Emanuele Dascanio

33 years old Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio is one of the best contemporary artists in the world of Hyper realistic paintings, At the first glance these portraits are look like a natural photos. There is something mysterious and fascinating in hyper-realistic paintings that simply can not be explained by reason or technique. it’s just something incredible, a glance at his work the viewer understands – undoubted talent in front of him. Whatever he used in his work – pencil, charcoal, or oil paint – produced drawings and paintings, which can hardly be distinguished from the pictures.

Hyper realistic paintings By Emanuele Dascanio

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