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Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

Here are some interesting sculptures of the ancient masters, whose remains archaeologists found today on the seabed, as well as the works of modern artists who deliberately put their work under water to convey to the public the idea. These sculptures are subject of many myths and local legends. Here are some amazing sculptures which are not yet destroyed within ocean.These sculptures are so old that they are now covered by coral reef.

Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

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Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

Pampa House is Designed by Argentine office Andres Remy Architects  for a childless couple, the Black house was built on a plot of 30,00 x 50,00m located on the banks of a lake in Tigre, in Buenos Aires outskirts and it located in Pocho, Argentina. The house Design is very contemporary and has a very beautiful volumes set, with swings and generous openings and a glazed area that opens the house to the beautiful view offered by the lake. The glass also makes the show a very interesting feature: the contrast of black exterior with the interior almost entirely white. This same concept also defines the decor.

Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

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Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World

Opal is composed of small beads of silica – alpha-cristobalite – low temperature, but tightly closed in a waterproof casing. Between these “beads” have cavities that contain a small amount of water. Reflection of light on the surface of the opal crystallization gives reflections that differ from each stone depending on the “form” created by all the elements described above. There are many types of opal. Opal can be dull and have no value, in which case such opals called “common opal” because only the large stones of bright colors are “semi-precious opals”.

Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World
A feldspar mineral. The colors are called “labradorescence” or the “schiller effect.”

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