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Hallgrimur Church – Lutheran Church In Reykjavik, Iceland

Hallgrimur church which is also known as Hallgrimskirkja is Lutheran Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. From any point of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, it will be seen the steeple, the most unusual buildings of the city. Rising by 74.5 meters, Hallgrimskirkja church as it is known locally, is the tallest building in the city and the tallest church in the country. This Church is called Hallgrímskirkja, in order to honor Hadlgrimura Pétursson, who is a poet and spiritual leader, and the author of the book “Passion Hymns.”

Hallgrimur Church - Lutheran Church In Reykjavik, Iceland

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San Juan De Gaztelugatxe 237 Steps Leading To The Chapel

Nearby villages of Bilbao and Bermeo in Spain is a small island San of Juan de Gaztelugatxe ( aka Gastelugache ). The island would not remarkable if not for the X century chapel located at the top of the cliffs and the long winding stone staircases 237 steps leading to the chapel, and then they attract many tourists. Gaztelugatxe Island is connected to the mainland by a narrow stone Double Arch Bridge, on which there is a narrow path to the very stairs. Before the bridge also organized parking for cars to tourists was where to park. Going up the long stairs, it seems as if it is endless, but the thought of that from the height of great views of the steep coast of the mainland, wriggling path, as well as the fascinating sea makes to climb higher and higher.

San Juan De Gaztelugatxe 237 Steps Leading To The Chapel

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