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Grossglockner – The Most Amazing Alpine Road Of Europe

Grossglockner is the High Alpine Road in Austria. And can be considered the most attractive route in Europe. Photographer Mikolaj Gospodarek after 8 years of annually traveling along with this route to take photograph at it in different times of the year. This road passes through the National Park Hohe Tauern by municipality Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße in Salzburg to Heiligenblut in Carinthia commune.

Grossglockner - The Most Amazing Alpine Roads Of Europe

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Passage Du Gois Aka Tidal Road In France

Passage du Gois connects to the Noirmoutier island (which translates as “Black Monastery”) with the department of Vendée, which refers to mainland France. In 830, the island castle to defend against the attacks of the Vikings was built in the XII century which has been completely renovated. In this form it is well preserved to our time, but not again subjected to raids by British and Spaniards. Now, this historic castle is included in the list of French historical monuments, and is used as a museum. Today the island is produced large amounts of salt and cultivated elite varieties, “La Bonnotte” potatoes, a kilo is worth 500 euros. Luxury villas, pine forest and numerous shrubs mimosas make the island a perfect place to relax.

Passage Du Gois Aka Tidal Road In France

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Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy – Craco

Craco is the medieval town of Italy. Gulf of Taranto 40 kilometers from the medieval town situated inland typical of the region, residents of houses built on the slopes of a long time corn and grain produced. The settlement history can be traced back to 1060 when the area became the property of Archbishop Arnaldo, Bishop of Tricarico. In 1891, there were still 2,000 houses inhabited, despite the fact that the region fought a very serious agricultural problems. That is why they moved to 1,300 between 1892 and 1922 in North America, followed by earthquakes, landslides and loss of life in the war completely devastated the city. Between 1959 and 1972 series of disasters struck the region, and in 1800 the remaining residents moved to nearby Craco Peschierába, and the medieval streets are empty today.

Abandoned Ghost Town Of Italy - Craco

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