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Franta And Flapper – Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

The Art Museum of Fashion and Textile Museum in London opened an exhibition of photos 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs, devoted to the jazz era that followed the First World War. The era was characterized by significant social changes, including sexual liberation and emancipation of women, which is reflected in the clothes of the period. The exhibition presents photographs from private collections and archive James Abbe Archive.

Franta And Flapper - Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

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Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World

White dress became fashionable and has become an essential symbol of the wedding ceremony only in the XIX century thanks to Queen Victoria. She became the first woman to put on her wedding dress white. Until this momentous moment the woman choose an outfit that matched the fashion of the era.


Traditional Wedding Dresses Around The World
At the wedding, as well as other celebrations wear bunad – A traditional Norwegian costume.

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