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How To Make The Medals For The Summer Rio Olympics

Olympic gold medal – one of the most prestigious awards in the world. For the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brazilian Mint) must be minted 5130 Olympic and Paralympic medals. Each medal requires 48 hours of work. Every detail is important, each shtrishok. To work went on around the clock, Mint has hired 80 masters. Medals made employees Casa da Moeda, in Santa Cruz, close to Rio de Janeiro. First, the design is developed on the computer. Then, the pattern is made. On the one hand minted Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory, under the five Olympic rings. On the other hand – the logo of the upcoming games. When the template is ready, workers poured it molten metal. Gold there is only 1.2%, it is necessary mainly for the color. About 99% of the alloy – silver.

How To Make The Medals For The Summer Rio Olympics

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