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Coral Castle Of Edward Lindskalnin Florida United States

For a long time sharpening a set of assumptions, how could a man of small stature and body build Coral Castle from huge blocks of coral limestone, which, without anyone’s help dragged from the coast, and then of them make sculptures and part of the castle. All this made the native of Latvia Edward Leedskalnin, who came to America after an unhappy and unrequited love for a certain 16-year-old Agnes Skaffs. Edward Leedskalnin born January 12, 1887 in Valka parish Stamerskoy County Livonia of the Russian Empire (now Stāmeriena parish Gulbenskogo Territory of Latvia). About his childhood, little is known, other than the fact that he was not rich and only reached a fourth-grade education. At the age of 26 years, he became engaged to Agnes Skaffs, woman ten years younger than him. However, the girl Leedskalnin called his “Sweet Sixteen”, broke the engagement the night before their wedding.

Coral Castle Of Edward Lindskalninsha, Florida, United States

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The Dark Hedges Aka Dark And Mysterious Alley In Ireland

The Dark Hedges is located near the town of Armoy in Northern Ireland. And it is a part of the Bregagh Road, which has tree on its both sides. And the age of trees is near 300 years old. This looks so dark and mysterious that passing through it may seem that you were in the movie of the fantasy genre, and are about to arise in our way elf or goblin.

The Dark Hedges Aka Dark And Mysterious Alley In Ireland

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Old And Mysterious Plain of Jars | Laos

Valley of the pitchers is located in Laos, in the province of Xieng Khouang. A group of sites with historical and archaeological monuments, is a very mysterious place, across the valley scattered huge number of giant stone jars, which tied a lot of secrets, how they are having who could create them, and what they were used for. Stone jars are scattered at the foot of Annamskogo ridge separating Laos and Vietnam. On the territory of the valley is more than 60 sites with pitchers, more of them located in Xieng Khouang province. More of them located in Xieng Khouang province, but they are also found in Thailand and in northern India. The largest group of pitchers found near the town of Phonsavan is called “the first landing,” there are about 250 pots. Dimensions pitchers range from one to three meters and a weight of about 6 tons, their shape is also diverse – rectangular or round, are found in the valley of drives that are likely to serve as covers for these pots. The material for the manufacture of pitchers as the analysis of researchers, used rocks, granite, sandstone or calcified coral.

Old And Mysterious Plain of Jars | Laos

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Monsters Park In The Village Of Bomarzo Near Viterbo Town, Italy

In the village of Bomarzo, Near town of Viterbo, it is a natural park decorated with statues and sculptures dating from the sixteenth century representing monsters, demons and ancient gods. This is the famous “Monster Park“, which is also known as “Sacred Grove” to date one of the most mysterious and popular tourist attractions in the area. Built in the mid-1500s by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini by the architect Pirro Ligorio, he was dedicated to his wife Giulia Farnese. The park was decorated with numerous statues by the grotesque style depicting mythological characters is horrendous figures such as dragons, orcs and exotic animals that represent the most characteristic element of the garden.

Monsters Park In The Village Of Bomarzo Near Viterbo Town, Italy

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