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Naturally Grown Bridge In Cherrapunji, India

The town of Cherrapunji is located in the lower reaches of the mountains and Hasi Janta in northeast India where attracts many rivers and mountain streams, this area is considered the most rainy in the world. Here and “grow” these unusual “live” bridges, for this purpose, the roots of Ficus Elastica or also called – Ficus elastic (Latin Ficus elastica.) The fact is that from the ficus come secondary roots, which are constantly growing and evolving, sometimes reaching a length of up to several tens of meters napletayas while on huge boulders on river banks. Due to such characteristics of the trees, the locals have long learned from these roots to create bridges.

Naturally Grown Bridge In Cherrapunji, India

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Crystal Clear Water Of Mountain River Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

In the south of Switzerland , Italian-speaking canton Aka Ticino, runs one of the cleanest rivers in the world Рthe river Verzasca is incredibly beautiful scenery. Taking its origin from Mount Pizzo Barone Swiss Alps, where from a height of 2864 meters a torrent flows 30 kilometers long and at the end of its path flows into a mountain lake Maggiore, located between Switzerland and Italy. River Verzasca РThis is perhaps the most beautiful river in Europe, which boasts Switzerland, its crystal clear waters attract many tourists from around the world. But to swim in it, perhaps, not everyone can, because the water is very cold, the temperature does not exceed 7-10 degrees and risked to enter it is not very comfortable, and the turbulent undercurrents in some places are very dangerous for swimming. But still wishing iskupnutsya in this clear water, with colored stone bottom is not small.

Crystal Clear Water Of Mountain River Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

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