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Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

Laziness is found in everyone. But some people have it on small or big scale. Some people have it too much, much on bigger scale, though. We used to see it as a bad thing. However, What if its not ? What if laziness actually supports to become more more successful? I bet many of you would like this approach. Actually, many lazy people achieve big success. And history gives us many great examples. For example Charles Darwin was amazingly lazy. His parents and teachers suffered a lot making him learn grammar and math at sleep, often he fell asleep right at the middle of the lesson. He used to like fishing and shooting crows to doing sports and when he was a collage student, he spent most of the time in pubs and bars. Even when he got into science, he didn’t lunge things and spent years writing his work.

Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

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