Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

Laziness is found in everyone. But some people have it on small or big scale. Some people have it too much, much on bigger scale, though. We used to see it as a bad thing. However, What if its not ? What if laziness actually supports to become more more successful? I bet many of you would like this approach. Actually, many lazy people achieve big success. And history gives us many great examples. For example Charles Darwin was amazingly lazy. His parents and teachers suffered a lot making him learn grammar and math at sleep, often he fell asleep right at the middle of the lesson. He used to like fishing and shooting crows to doing sports and when he was a collage student, he spent most of the time in pubs and bars. Even when he got into science, he didn’t lunge things and spent years writing his work.

Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

Sir Winston Churchill is Another great example he showed worst result in class and didn’t even go to college. He didn’t like sporting activity and his favorite activity was sitting on a rocking chair. And later he become a great politician.

Carl Marks was maintained by his poor mother, he was partied for months and wasn’t working at all. Then later he lived on Engel’s money. All in all, his study has overthrew the established views of the whole world.

Einstein, Newton, Picasso, Mendeleev and others were said to be incredibly lazy. Nevertheless they become very popular all around the world and achieve unbelievable success. This proves that lazy people can actually go far. and laziness can be a great advantage. Now lets see some reasons lazy people are more likely to be successful.

They are pretty inventive

when it comes to organizing their work Lazy people are very creative. Lazy people get strict to the point and don’t waste there time unnecessary. A lazy employee will always find a way to automate and optimize all the repetitive processes in their jobs. As there is nothing more annoying for a lazy person than a regular on monotonous work.

Lazy people always invent something new to make there life more easier. People were very lazy to scoop out the soil so they invented a digging machine. They were so lazy to do the cleaning work. So they invented a vacuum cleaner. Maybe lazy people were the ones who invented all the great inventions in the centuries.

They know when to rest and save energy

As the more energy people expend, lesser we have power to fulfill big plans. So the most important thing is to know when to relax. People who work with there full power all the time age faster, and their memory also falling much quicker. And Beside that making yourself exercise intensively has a dangerous effect on your health, especially after you are 40. So lazy people, relax and keep being lazy.

They takes risks for profit

They have many creative ideas and projects in their minds which were not yet full-filled with excessive responsibilities and thoughts. They are very thoughtful. And it is also very important for them that work in process is not just boring and have perfect results at the ends.

They appears more relaxed in difficult situations

Some people panic, their attention get distracted and they don’t fully commit to tasks in difficult situations. On the other hand Lazy people have fewer worries and calmly do their jobs. Lazy people don’t rush on everything at same time. They takes time and complete their task after task.

They focus only on main goals

Lazy people focus on their main goals, they don’t care for others. They are simply very lazy to pay attention to others priorities. So they focus in their own. And spend less time achieving these goals, as they will have more time to relax.

They works slowly but wisely

Lazy people maybe slow like tortoise at work. But they complete there tasks nicely in time. Employees tend to be painstaking or lazy, stupid or smart. But it actually takes a great mind to be lazy at work. If you are smart and lazy, then you are the valuable worker in your company.

They use Technologies which shorten there work and allow them to be lazy

At present the time, there are so many programs, software’s, applications, and gadgets that allow people do their job much quicker. And lazy people use these things to complete their tasks more quickly. They save their time and energy. And use it on right place and time. For example, If they are working on document, they wouldn’t just write it and then send it to manager, editor, and other people to check. That would take a lot of time. They would just create a Google Doc, and give people the access to the document. So that they can approve or make any correction at the same time.

American professor Arnold Ludwig once analyzed more then 1000 people who achieved the greatest success in their lives. And he came to final conclusion that apart from having some natural talent, you need to be an lazy. Even great man like Einstein used to say that boredom is a great tool for Developing your creativity, thought’s and imagination.

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8 thoughts on “Laziness Aka Qualification Of Intelligent People

  1. Fascinating! I’m not into monotony either. Put me in a factory on an assembly line and listen to me snore. I too find easier ways to accomplish (key word for me), what I feel needs doing. I have strategies, which work really well, ’cause my sense of accomplishment is stronger than any laziness I might possess. Maybe that’s it. Maybe people who are lazy, while still being successful need choices, options, strategies, and a strong sense of getting it done without over-taxing themselves. Maybe, they function more effectively when their backs are to the wall. Some people need a deadline. That’s their trigger. All those you have mentioned are models of excellence. Lazy is only a man-made word, but if it gets results…I guess I’m lazy!!!

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  2. I knew a lot of the “greats” were eccentric or dysfunctional in certain ways, but I never knew how lazy they were! Another theory: People who like to think (i.e., more intelligent) are lazy because they are not bored. RT America interviews the researcher — []

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