Franta And Flapper – Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

The Art Museum of Fashion and Textile Museum in London opened an exhibition of photos 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs, devoted to the jazz era that followed the First World War. The era was characterized by significant social changes, including sexual liberation and emancipation of women, which is reflected in the clothes of the period. The exhibition presents photographs from private collections and archive James Abbe Archive.

Franta And Flapper - Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

American silent film actress Norma Tolmadzh in a dress made of silk, which entered into vogue as its artificial substitutes, 1922.


Star series of theatrical productions on Broadway “Ziegfeld Follies” Dolores, 1919.


Silent film actor Rudolph Valentino and his wife, costume designer Natasha Rambova, New York, 1922.


English playwright Noël Coward and his muse, actress Gertrude Lawrence, which he dedicated a series of plays, 1923.


American sisters-twins of Hungarian origin, dancer and actress Dolly Sisters, 1923.


Dolly Sisters, 1924.


French actor and singer Maurice Chevalier and his wife, actress Yvonne Vallée in a dress in the style of flepper.


American dancer Louise Brooks on the set of a French film “Prix de Beauté” in Paris in 1929.


Another icon flepperskogo style, American actress of Polish origin Gilda Gray, popularized dance shimmy, 1925.


Gilda Gray, 1925.
Dresses era of jazz were deprived of corsets worn in the Victorian period, and often decorated with jewels.


Dancer Andrée Spinelly, Paris, 1927.
In such outfits, adorned with jewels, were dancers, such as in the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge” in Paris.


Dolores, 1925.
Silhouettes become blurred, indistinct contours were fashionable.


American silent film actress Bessie Love, popularized dance the Charleston in Patau, 1925.


Fred and Adele Astaire in the musical “Lady Be Good”, 1926.

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