Month: October 2016

Franta And Flapper – Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

The Art Museum of Fashion and Textile Museum in London opened an exhibition of photos 1920s Jazz Age Fashion & Photographs, devoted to the jazz era that followed the First World War. The era was characterized by significant social changes, including sexual liberation and emancipation of women, which is reflected in the clothes of the period. The exhibition presents photographs from private collections and archive James Abbe Archive.

Franta And Flapper - Fashion Era Of Jazz In The 1920s

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Grossglockner – The Most Amazing Alpine Road Of Europe

Grossglockner is the High Alpine Road in Austria. And can be considered the most attractive route in Europe. Photographer Mikolaj Gospodarek after 8 years of annually traveling along with this route to take photograph at it in different times of the year. This road passes through the National Park Hohe Tauern by municipality Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße in Salzburg to Heiligenblut in Carinthia commune.

Grossglockner - The Most Amazing Alpine Roads Of Europe

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Storseisundet – The Most Fearsome Bridge Ever

In Norway, July 7, 1989 has been opened Atlantic road, consisting of several bridges, but one bridge is built a bit unusual, it Storseisundet Bridge. Bridge is the longest bridge of 8 “Atlantic Road”, its length is 260 meters. Bridge deviates into the sea at 23 meters. It was planned that he would be built horizontally, but for unknown reasons, has changed the original project. And now it looks like a roller coaster. Those who have not seen the bridge before, may be frightened, approaching close to him. After a certain angle, it seems that the bridge is not completed and looks like a ski jump, but do not be afraid, because the bridge is completely finished, but the architect who built this bridge explicitly humorous or loves to ride a roller coaster.

Storseisundet - The Most Fearsome Bridge Ever

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