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Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse

The German company Rev-House specializes in the construction of houses on the water. One of her latest projects was the houseboat the Rev Houseboat. It is designed specifically for those who appreciate not only the original but also luxurious vacation. Each model in the water of the house made to order. Architects and designers work closely with each customer to realize all his wishes. Such components as a fireplace, jacuzzi, sauna, floor heating, underwater lighting only emphasize the claim to luxury Rev Houseboat.

Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse

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Green Roofed Edgeland House By Bercy Chen Studio

Architectural studio Bercy Chen Studio has designed a private house called Edge land House, located on the Colorado River in Texas (USA). On the construction site of the previously held pipeline. After removing it was a great “scar” in the green area. The architects decided to hide the flaw by building on the site of the original form of the house.

Green Roofed Edgeland House By Bercy Chen Studio

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Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

It is a version “country house” mobile homes known here is the Alpha Tiny Home . A mobile living space measuring about 22 square meters with everything needed to live a comfortable life in the middle of nowhere. This miniature and mobile home was designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes  and has many features, including large windows to let in the light, wooden walls with particularly stunning finish and a metal roof. There is also a table for 8 people and a living area with kitchen, living room and of course (whose bed is hidden in the middle of the room).

Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

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Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

Pampa House is Designed by Argentine office Andres Remy Architects  for a childless couple, the Black house was built on a plot of 30,00 x 50,00m located on the banks of a lake in Tigre, in Buenos Aires outskirts and it located in Pocho, Argentina. The house Design is very contemporary and has a very beautiful volumes set, with swings and generous openings and a glazed area that opens the house to the beautiful view offered by the lake. The glass also makes the show a very interesting feature: the contrast of black exterior with the interior almost entirely white. This same concept also defines the decor.

Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

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