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China vs Japan – Differences Between The Two Countries Aka Differences Of Oriental Cultures.

We sometimes become confused after watching China and Japan. So here is the interesting list difference which proves that how both countries ( Japan and China ) are not same.


China vs Japan - Differences Between The Two Countries Aka Differences Of Oriental Cultures.

In China – Peking duck, dim sum, fried rice, century egg and turtle soup

We know only five tastes. Feature of Chinese cuisine is the presence of as many as eight: in addition to sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty all Chinese will call you more fragrant taste (well prepared dish has a special flavor), fresh (unlike the taste of rice and bread) and gold (similar to the taste of kumquat ).

In Japan – sushi, rolls and sashimi

The main delights of Japanese cuisine are the dishes of raw fish, the most popular of them – it’s sushi and rolls. During cooking, the fish are not subjected to heat treatment to preserve its natural taste. Also in Japan, like when the meal consists of many small dishes – so that you can appreciate the art of the cook and do not overeat. In the classic version on the table at a Japanese aristocrat stood 15-20 small dishes.

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Great Treasures Found From Every Corner Of The Earth

The most interesting thing is that sometimes the treasure is almost under our noses. And we dont knows it. So here are some great treasures which are found around our world. And they are found from very common places.

The treasure in the basement of a building in the town of Sroda Slaska

In 1985, for the repair of old buildings come from the builders, which are found in the basement of the treasure, dating from the beginning of the XIV century. The walled vase was more than 3,000 rare coins, medallions and gold crown. The find is estimated at $ 150 million. Currently treasure exhibited in the Museum of Wroclaw.

Great Treasures Found From Every Corner Of The Earth

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Interesting Facts About Bodybuilding

Today Bodybuilding has become very popular and every gym has sufficient number of followers. However, for some relief muscles which is not the limit: they want to be the first in terms of the power of muscles and shoulder width, forcing them to choose bodybuilding. The relief sought by bodybuilders muscle strength training long lasting several hours. The training program includes exercises in different gym and lifting weights. But in order to look at the competition and have a glossy tanned skin (which emphasizes the benefit muscle mass), bodybuilders put on the body make-up; moreover, it plays the role of correct illumination.

Interesting facts about bodybuilding

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Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

Here are some interesting sculptures of the ancient masters, whose remains archaeologists found today on the seabed, as well as the works of modern artists who deliberately put their work under water to convey to the public the idea. These sculptures are subject of many myths and local legends. Here are some amazing sculptures which are not yet destroyed within ocean.These sculptures are so old that they are now covered by coral reef.

Amazing Sculptures In The Depth of Seas And Oceans

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A Terrifying Glass Walkway Of 400m 1 Km Opened In China

If you are afraid of the altitude, then immediately turn away their eyes, because this Chinese bridge could well be your worst nightmare. The fact that it is attached to more than 1,400 meters above sea level, on a mountainside is already, in itself, quite scary, but in addition, it is a glass bridge, which is simply terrifying. Installed on the side of the Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, the bridge is 100 meters long and 1.6 meter wide. It is known as the gateway to the Cliff Dragon Sinuous.

A Terrifying Glass Walkway Of 400m 1 Km Opened In China

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Interesting Facts About The Engraving

Engraving is one of the oldest methods of decoration any subject. The basis of this method is stone and metal processing, and over time, people have learned to handle and glass. People doing beautiful things that surround them. The first drawings were scratched conventional cutter, setting off a great art. Gradually engraving process reached greater and greater heights. In place of the scratched figures came drawings, in which scratches were covered with dyes and enamel. This gave realistic drawing of the image, and it began to play with new colors. Later, masters of their craft began to use this process of engraving precious metals like gold and silver.

Interesting Facts About The Engraving

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Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

It is a version “country house” mobile homes known here is the Alpha Tiny Home . A mobile living space measuring about 22 square meters with everything needed to live a comfortable life in the middle of nowhere. This miniature and mobile home was designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes  and has many features, including large windows to let in the light, wooden walls with particularly stunning finish and a metal roof. There is also a table for 8 people and a living area with kitchen, living room and of course (whose bed is hidden in the middle of the room).

Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself

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Kasey And Blake Boggs – Missouri Couple With Seven Rescue Animals

Meet Roxy, Edith, Mia Rose, Jake, Gertrude and Donald. The most incredible of all the little family that you’ve ever seen. Kasey Boggs and Blake Boggs her husband, who has been helping animals for ten years. This family is very popular on Instagram. And i am sure you have never seen such an unusual family of animals consisting of dogs, cats and ducks. The most interesting thing is that they do not just share the same roof over their heads, they are absolutely inseparable.

Kasey And Blake Boggs - Missouri Couple With Seven Rescue Animals

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Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

Pampa House is Designed by Argentine office Andres Remy Architects  for a childless couple, the Black house was built on a plot of 30,00 x 50,00m located on the banks of a lake in Tigre, in Buenos Aires outskirts and it located in Pocho, Argentina. The house Design is very contemporary and has a very beautiful volumes set, with swings and generous openings and a glazed area that opens the house to the beautiful view offered by the lake. The glass also makes the show a very interesting feature: the contrast of black exterior with the interior almost entirely white. This same concept also defines the decor.

Pampa House In The Rocky Terrain Of Argentina

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Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World

Opal is composed of small beads of silica – alpha-cristobalite – low temperature, but tightly closed in a waterproof casing. Between these “beads” have cavities that contain a small amount of water. Reflection of light on the surface of the opal crystallization gives reflections that differ from each stone depending on the “form” created by all the elements described above. There are many types of opal. Opal can be dull and have no value, in which case such opals called “common opal” because only the large stones of bright colors are “semi-precious opals”.

Rarest And Most Valuable Opals In The World
A feldspar mineral. The colors are called “labradorescence” or the “schiller effect.”

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